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Geometric Bowl - Big Mix

Geometric Bowl - Big Mix

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This bowl is about 4cm deep. It can be used as decoration or used as a regular bowl.

The bowl is made out of transparent and opaque pieces of glass which are melted together into one piece in a kiln.

This is glass art piece number 11

The dimensions are:

  • 26x26cm | 6mm thick | 4cm deep
  • 10.2×10.2inch | 0.23inch thick | 1.57inch deep

Every piece i create is unique due to the following :

  • All the designs are selfmade
  • There is only one piece per design – there are more versions of geometric shapes aldo these are different in the used colors.
  • All art pieces are signed and numbered using etching technique (the lower the number, the earlier the piece) – CR.(number)

Cleaning: You can clean this piece with wather and soap or with a dry cloth
Handling: handle this piece with care It feels quiet sturdy it is still glass and should not be dropped or hit to any other surface.

All pieces are handmade. There will always be little imperfections upon close inspection.

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